Ma's & Paws is a mother and daughter owned pet salon. With over 25 years of grooming experience we strive to have our quality of care match our grooming techniques. We believe that when you leave your dog or cat with us they should be treated just like our own!

Our salon is modern with a touch of charm! We wanted our lobby to leave you and your pet with a positive impression. It's equipt with the Clover System, allowing us to accept all major credit cards, as well as Apple Pay!


From the front door to the back entry we made sure to pay attention to detail and safety. During the process of construction we made sure to hire the contractor who has built a majority of the vet clinics in Orange County! You're able to rest easy knowing that your animal is in a safe environment and in good hands!

About Us

As pet owners ourselves we understand that pets are members of your family. Between the both of us we own a maltese, chihuahua, boxer and cat. Growing up with all types of pets in our lives such as dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, fish and even sand crabs we have a huge heart filled with love & compassionate for all pets!

Owners Thoughts